Dental Crowns in Newtown, PA

Let your smile reign supreme with the majestic touch of dental crowns, the epitome of nature's own magnificence.

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Dental Crowns In Newtown, PA

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are protective caps made of various materials, such as porcelain or metal, that are custom-fitted and placed over damaged or decayed teeth to restore their shape, strength, and appearance, ensuring a natural and functional smile for the patient. They are a common dental procedure used to improve both aesthetics and functionality, and they help strengthen and preserve a tooth that might otherwise be at risk of further damage.

Dental Crowns In Newtown, PA

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Dental crowns can help preserve and support weakened teeth after root canal treatment?

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Benefits of Dental Crowns

Protect Your Teeth

Crowns protect the delicate and sensitive areas of your teeth exposed after a fracture or because of severe dental decay. This prevents further damage and infection that often leads to pain and inflammation. These restorations essentially shroud the teeth protecting the inner parts from the elements and bacteria.

Improve Your Smile

Crowns are essentially restorative treatments, but they also confer aesthetic benefits. By covering your teeth, crowns can restore their appearance, especially since they mimic their look and even feel. This gives you a beautiful, natural-looking smile to enhance your visual appeal and boost your confidence.

Crowns Are Extremely Durable

Crowns can last for ages, especially if you care for them. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns last fifteen years or more. Ceramic, zirconia, and metal crowns, on the other hand, last ten to fifteen years. However, it’s worth noting that habits like biting on hard objects or using your mouth as a tool can compromise the longevity of your crowns.

The Dental Crowns Treatment Process

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Examinations and Tooth Preparation

Treatment begins with a comprehensive examination of the affected teeth. Our Newtown dentist will examine the extent of the damage to the teeth to determine whether dental crowns will address the issue at hand. Minor fractures and dental decay might require dental fillings instead. If the damage is severe enough, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing the decayed portion of the teeth.

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Taking Impressions and Crown Fabrication

Next, the dentist will press dental putty on the affected teeth to create impressions of your teeth on a mold. They’ll then send these impressions to a laboratory to manufacture the crowns. The skilled technicians at the lab will fabricate the dental crowns to your exact specifications and send them to the dentist once ready.

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Crown Placement and Final Touches

After about two weeks, the dentist will call you in to fit the dental crowns on your teeth. Fitting involves placing the crown on your teeth and checking its fit and color. If everything checks out, they’ll apply binding material on the crown and place it on the tooth before curing it with a special light to harden and secure it firmly in place. After a few touch-ups, you’ll be free to go home with your new dental crowns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for dental crowns is as easy as brushing and flossing your teeth at least daily and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash after. You should also avoid eating hard or crunchy foods that may break your crowns, necessitating a premature replacement. Lastly, schedule regular dentist appointments to ensure the well-being of your dental crowns.

Yes, most dental insurance providers cover dental crowns (usually completely) if the dentist finds the crowns medically necessary. However, the same providers will be reluctant to cover dental crowns for purely cosmetic reasons. In such cases, they may be willing to cover partial coverage of about 50% of the cost.