Dental Bridges in Newtown, PA

Is a missing tooth leaving a gap in your grin? Dental bridges can bridge the gap with an artificial tooth that aligns with the rest of your smile.

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Dental Bridges In Newtown, PA

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative dental device that replaces consecutive teeth in the jaws. It consists of two or more ontic (false teeth) anchored in place by crowns that the dentist places on either side of the missing teeth gap. These restorations are made of ceramic, porcelain, and metals and mimic the natural appearance of your teeth giving you a complete smile that looks and feels natural.

Dental Bridges In Newtown, PA

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Dental bridges can serve as architectural marvels for your smile? Just like bridges connect two separate areas, dental bridges bridge the gap between missing teeth!

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The Benefits of Dental Bridges

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The Dental Bridge Process

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Consultation and Treatment Plan

The first consultation is essentially an examination of your teeth and dental health to help the dentist determine the suitability of dental bridges. It includes taking X-rays of your teeth and suggesting alternative treatment. The consultation culminates in a treatment plan detailing the entire procedure.

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Taking Impressions and Bridge Fabrication

Before taking impressions, the dentist will shave bits of enamel off the anchor teeth. They’ll then use dental putty or a 3D digital scanner to take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are sent to a laboratory where a team of skilled technicians will create your custom bridges ensuring accuracy to your exact specifications.

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Bridge Placement and Final Checks

The bridges will be ready in two to three weeks, after which the dentist will schedule an appointment to fit the bridge. They’ll place the bridge on the gap and check how it fits and whether it matches the rest of the teeth. If everything checks out, they’ll use adhesive to cement the bridge. After a few final checks, the dentist will see you off with instructions for caring for your dental bridge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentists usually recommend dental bridges for replacing missing teeth that are between two healthy teeth. In doing so, they give you a beautiful, complete smile and also help your face maintain its structure and youthful appearance. They’re also useful for restoring chewing capabilities and allowing the proper articulation of certain words during speech. You can also get bridges to correct shifting and misaligned teeth.

Yes, dental bridges are permanent restorations. After fabrication, the dentist will use dental glue or cement to permanently fix the bridge between the anchor teeth. This means you cannot remove and return the restorations as you please. It also means the process is irreversible and cannot be undone.

While both dentures and bridges replace missing teeth, they are inherently different. First, bridges are a permanent replacement for missing teeth, while dentures are removable prostheses. Bridges are also easier to maintain while dentures require constant removal and cleaning to keep them in tip-top shape, but are cheaper than bridges.